How to Send Fan Mail to Jason Momoa

fan mailHave you been wondering how to send fan mail to Jason Momoa?  We have too, so we sent teams into the frozen tundra of Newfoundland, down to the deepest depths of Atlantis, and into Dothraki territory to get the answers.

fan mailAfter hearing back from all our teams, we finally got an answer- a post office box in the heart of Iowa, unobtrusive, but offering the key to contacting Jason. So we made a page on our website and divulged the valuable information there.  Not to worry…your gifts and letters will be received.  We verified the info with Jason Momoa’s management team.

Fan mailSo go forth to our Jason Momoa Fan Mail page and let our hero know how much he is appreciated.  And tell ‘em Jason Momoa News sent you.  We’d be in your debt.


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  1. Cassidy Ulrich

    Hi, I watched all the seasons of Stargate Atlantis (before my Aunt’s hard-drive was stolen) and at the end of the last episode I was sad. This might be a big favor to ask from you but could you mabye get the team back together.

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  2. William J Nash

    JASON MOMOA….you are Sinbad the Sailor!! Why haven’t ANYONE came up with remaking the Sinbad movies with YOU mystifies me!!

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