Jason Momoa’s Tattoos Explained

jason momoa's tattoos

Are you wondering about the meaning behind Jason Momoa’s tattoos?  If you’ve seen any photos or videos of Jason Momoa, even with his shirt on, you’ll notice at least one very large tattoo of a pattern on his forearm.  Moving on to photos with the shirt off and you’ll notice several more on his chest and forearms and every single one has a special meaning to him.  Read on to see the meaning behind Jason Momoa’s tattoos and drool over photos of the Aquaman actor with special thanks to POPSUGAR, Men’s Health, Inked Magazine and more.

jason momoa's tattoos


Tattoo #1 – Right outer forearm tattoo that reads “Etre toujours ivre”

jason momoa's tattoos

POPSUGAR: Jason and stepdaughter Zoë Kravitz have matching ink, which roughly translates to “be always drunk.”

Tattoo #2 – Right middle finger tattoo that reads “Diablo”

POPSUGAR: The tattoo, which Jason frequently shows off by flipping off the camera, was in memory of a friend who passed away.

Men’s Health: He also has one on his middle finger, which reads “Diablo” in honor of a friend who died in 2013.

Tattoo #3 – Chest tattoos of his kids’ signatures

POPSUGAR: Jason’s two kids, Lola and Wolf, drew signatures which their proud papa got permanently inked.

FlavaThe Internet has since diverted its attention to the small red tattoo that sits on Momoa’s chest, the tattoo that has since taken over because of it’s beautiful backstory.

Momoa, the proud father of 2 children, Lola, 9, and Wolf, 8, asked his two young cubs to draw their signatures which he has since immortalised on his chest in tattoo form. Momoa also has his left forearm decked out in cultural tattoo and a matching tattoo with his stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz.

In a candid documentary, Momoa explains how much his family means to him; “With them, my dreams finally came true; I’m a father, I found my place, my home…But now my passion for storytelling pulls me away for long periods of time, and that scares me. The nomadic lifestyle that once inspired me, now takes me away from the things I love most. My family.”

Tattoo #4 – Left forearm tattoo of tribal shark teeth

POPSUGAR: In one of Jason’s charming interviews, he revealed that his large forearm tattoo is his family’s crest, which represents their guardian, the shark. “It’s supposed to take the darkness out and bring in the light, but we’re still working on that,” he said of the shark-tooth pattern.

Inked MagazineDuring a 2013 Q&A session at Armageddon Expo in New Zealand, Momoa talked about his forearm tattoo, explaining that the unique triangle ink is a tribute to ‘aumakua, or his family god or crest. In Hawaiian mythology, the ‘aumakua is a benevolent ancestral guardian spirit or protector who has died and come back in a different form to protect the family and, in Momoa’s case, his family’s guardian spirit is a shark. “It’s supposed to take the darkness out of your heart and bring the light in,” Momoa said of the arm tattoo, which features repeating rows of light and dark triangles representing sharks’ teeth, “but we’re still working on that.”

According to Momoa, the ‘aumakua tattoo is also meant to protect him when he enters the water, which is a good thing, considering his Aquaman character in Justice League is the ruler of Atlantis and the Earth’s oceans, who has the ability to command all sea life. More specifically, the shark-teeth tattoo is meant to show sharks that Momoa is one of their own so they leave him alone. The design of the tattoo obviously means a lot to the actor, and he recently carved a similar pattern featuring rows of triangles into the top of a keg of Guinness, his favorite beer.

Tattoo #5 – Right inner forearm tattoo that reads “Pride of Gypsies”

POPSUGAR: Jason’s production company is also called Pride of Gypsies, which is inspired by the fierce collectiveness of a lion pride and the nomadic, free-spirited element of gypsy culture. “Pride of Gypsies was founded by Jason Momoa in 2010, a tribe of artists & filmmakers with an enthusiastic thirst for creating unique and inventive content, harnessing an atypical approach to production,” describes the company website, which aims to “innovate” and “improve the human spirit.”

BTW, you can check out our Pride of Gypsies Production Company page for more information on Jason’s company.

Tattoo #6 – Small skull below his right thumb

POPSUGAR: Because why wouldn’t you want a tiny, badass skull on your hand? Jason has his priorities straight.

We love all the stories behind Jason Momoa’s tattoos and also don’t mind doing the research of “shirtless Jason Momoa” images to find photos of all these tattoos for you.  Which of Jason Momoa’s tattoos is your favorite?  Comment below.


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